Cookies and Privacy Policy

It is not the policy of Keeble Antiques to store customer details, other than for normal accounting purposes. Under no circumstances will customer details be revealed to third parties.

Keeble Antiques are a shareowner in the bookdealers co-operative website The foremost use of cookies is to ensure ease of purchasing and to control security when purchasing on line. If you wish to find out more about cookies please refer to http://www.aboutcookies org

Keeble Antiques does not approve of the use of spyware which is adopted by some websites to monitor the activities of customers when not accessing their own sites. similarly does not approve the use of spyware.

Keeble Antiques and do not approve the use of spam emails.

This page effective from 7th December 2003 in order to comply with current EU and United Kingdom privacy and data protection laws.